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My ideal day with Google pay would be when my wallet lost and luckily I saved my card to Google Pay app on my phone to pay in any shop around Hastings and later on I called BNZ customer service to deactivate my card and change it with a new card. They are very accommodating when it comes to customer service.


My ideal would be to be when I go on my 3+ hr runs not have to take both my phone and bank card but instead take just my phone and be able to use that in an emergency to call someone or buy anything I urgently need. Even better if this is integrated to my Garmin watch!


Friday is “buy lunch” day. Thankfully 90% of my favourite eat out places near work enable me to use Google Pay so I can leave my bulky wallet at home on Fridays too! Need to top up the car with petrol too? No prob - just flash the phone past the EFTPOS machine. Dream


I just remember the first day I got Google Pay (Android pay it was back then) I was just so amazed that I could just use my phone for pretty much everything. I went to the supermarket, and got my groceries by just holding my phone up to the terminal. Later in the day I went to a cafe. The barista asked “Eftpos?”, and I put my phone on the terminal, much to her confusion. It’s fun being the first wave of people adopting a new technology, especially one as useful as Google Pay. Not having to worry about forgetting your wallet is simply bliss.

However what I love the most about Google Pay is the extra level of security it adds. By just tapping my finger to the back of my phone, I authorise the payment by proving it is actually me paying. I just love the added layer of security that Google Pay gives over a paywave visa debit, for example.


I was heading out to lunch one day and was heading towards the parking meter when I noticed an older couple we’re having a bit of trouble at the machine. The machine only took cards with chips in them or paywave which neither of them had so I offered to pay for their parking showing them how you can use a phone with nfc to pay. I’m not too sure if the impressed looks on their faces was from a stranger offering to pay for their parking or the fact I used a phone to do it


An ideal day would be going to the supermarket and not having to remember my wallet. That would be bliss


My partner and I have set up a separate account where we both contribute for . The money in the account is mainly used for shared expenses like grocery, brunching or dining out, or going to movies. This is linked to a Visa Debit Card, which is linked to my Google Pay. The beauty of this technology is that we do not have to carry the Debit card all the time since most supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and movie houses accepts Google Pay, even paying for parking! I still carry my own Eftpos card; however, if I do have another Debit Card that is linked to my everyday account, I could just simply add this to Google Pay and I will be able to choose which card to use, depending on whether it’s paying for our date, or for my own dose of caffeine.


My ideal day with Google Pay would start like any normal day, with a coffee - but instead of having to lug a bag and wallet around with me, I can just pay by debt card using my phone! In my perfect Google Pay day, I’d experiment with and maximise all the conveniences it has to offer. Next up, some shopping - paid for partially using a gift voucher I’d loaded onto the app, then the rest by credit card via the app. Plus, I’ll “swipe” my store loyalty card to rack up points too!

Before going to see an afternoon movie, I fill up my petrol (Google Pay), pay for parking (Google Pay), then buy tickets for my friend and I and collect more Cinebuzz points (Google Pay to the rescue yet again!). Whereas I’m usually forgetting to bring my wallet into the supermarket with me, so after the movie my friend and I grab some supplies (Google Pay) to rustle up a quick dinner back at my place.

Google Pay will streamline my day and make life so much more convenient! :smiley:


Love the fact that I can have pretty much everything I need for anything on my phone so everything is in one place, and Google pay as to this, makes life so much easier.


When travelling in London tube, horrendous moments when running late and no wallet - no problem: mobile let me pay in and out of tube, buy food & sight see. In NZ, a handy way to pay when out for a run! (Will stop me losing my card anyway!!)


My ideal day with Google pay us it makes my life eaiser. I have a head injury and often I forget my card I sometimes my pin. I always carry my phone on me so having google pay means I will always have my card on me and therefore making life eaiser for me. Good luck to all.


My ideal day with Google Pay would see me being able to pay for my morning coffee, get the train to work, grab lunch, and get the train home - all without having to fumble in my wallet for cards while my hands are full! Let’s face it, I’ll always carry my wallet as a backup and for identification etc, so the benefit for me is not having to put my phone down to grab a card from my wallet!


Like many people commenting I think an ideal day would be getting through the day without having to lug a wallet around. These days I basically only have my wallet to hold loyalty cards and my EFTPOS/credit card. With most loyalty schemes going mobile now with QR codes, apps and the like, something like Google Pay might realistically allow me to ditch my wallet completely.


I was having a bad day. I had left my lunch and wallet at home. Then I remembered that I had Google pay on my phone so I went to the local Supermarket and got myself some food to eat.


GooglePay will make life more simple… no more handbags carrying wallets etc…just take your phone! It’s the future… no more cash!


My ideal day was when I paid from my phone LIKE A BOSS in merely 40 seconds whereas my friends took few minutes to search for their cards,took it out from their bag and finally paid.


I run a mobile boutique cafe, an ideal day for me would be if everyone paid me with their G pay. I use a BNZ PayClip and it’s so so so much faster when customers don’t have to use their cards. Speeds up the queue so much!


An ideal day with google pay is whipping out the phone to pay for coffee n parking in the am.Night out no worries flash ur phone and your aĺl good to go!!!


My ideal day with Google Play happened a few weeks ago. I went to the supermarket to have something for lunch. I was so hungry. Got all my stuff and the cashier finished with everything, the bags were full and I was already eating everything with my mind. Then I was asked to pay and the hell was all over me: I forgot my wallet! I was so upset, I couldn’t believe it! but then something happened, my phone was vibrating, it was telling me something: “You can use Google Pay to pay at this store”. I was like OMG! it was a lifesaver. Thanks to Google Pay I enjoy the best lunch ever.


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