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I’d start off with a morning dog walk, and call past my local cafe for a flat white. They have paywave, so all I would need is my phone.
At work I could do some cheeky online shopping at my desk, and pay using using google pay on my phone without having to grab my card out of my wallet. I’d probably buy tickets for a movie that night.
On my way home I’d call past the supermarket. No need for a wallet here either, and I’d breeze through the checkout in half the time compared to using a chip/pin card.
At the movie I’d just show my ticket on the phone. Sorted already.


My ideal day with Google Pay would be not having to carry my wallet and knowing I still have money on me for things throughout the day.
It would be a lot more convenient to go to places like a concert or other busy areas and not have to worry about loosing my card. Also with being able to put loyalty cards on a phone very easy (barcode), my card is one of the last things that need to be put on.


My ideal day with Google Pay would be being able to leave my wallet behind for any place I would need to pay for. Now if there was only a way to have my drivers license on my phone…

Thanks BNZ for making Google Pay so easy.


My ideal day with google pay would be when I am out and I suddenly feel hungry but don’t have my wallet with me. google pay is able to save a lot of time by enabling me to get food right then instead of going to get my wallet and coming back.


My ideal day with Google Pay would be when I forget to grab my wallet on my way to 9am lectures, it would make a students life much more easier. If I forget my wallet I wouldn’t have to walk back home because with Google Pay I could buy my lunch and save time so I can study. Also would mean that my account is much more secure as I would be the only one be able to unlock my phone and use Google Pay.


Anyday would be an ideal day with Google pay! First baby only 2 weeks away. Imagine having to rush out to buy more nappies after an accident just to realise that I forgot my wallet. I always have my phone with me and just having Google Pay will definitely save the day! No more fiddling around for cards in wallet too! Now that would be an ideal day for Google pay!


An ideal day would be leaving the house in a rush and only grabbing my phone while making a dash to the train station, Buying a ticket using the contactless terminal, Get off and grab a quick bite at a local cafe shop or mcdonalds and getting the morning coffee from starbucks.


Ok so life as a mother is a struggle, especially when you forget your Eftpost card and 4 little rat bags screaming in the back. Thank God I remebered my backup card. Now I use it everywhere we go :raised_hands:


My ideal day would be being able to jump out of bed, tag on and off the train with google pay (hopefully something that is supported by Auckland Transport at some point), buy lunch, and head back home, free from carrying a wallet or cards with me.


My ideal day was when the car ran out of petrol and I had left my card at home but had my phone so could pay via Google pay and make it home without having to call the AA


I was out for a run around the Dunedin harbour a few weeks ago, and everything was going awesome, feeling in my groove, but ran too far to get home and was under prepared. Had only my phone and headphones and no wallet, but the smile on my face when I realised that I could pay for something with my phone was huge. Dropped by the closest petrol station and got a drink and some glucose and was able to make it home.

I’ve played the scenario so many times in the past, whenever I’ve been far from home, I always thought that if I needed something from like a drink from a store, I might be able to leave something of value like my phone with the shop keeper to come back and pay and pick up later, but now I can just tap and go, no issues.


Love G Pay as I carry my phone everywhere so when I’m out & about I can binge on mince & cheese pies from the gas station (Z has gr8 pies!) even with no wallet. Yay to G Pay !! :slight_smile:


I love Google pay because of days like today when I forgot my wallet in the library when I went to get lunch, it means I don’t have to walk all the way back and I can still duck down and grab something to eat.


I love google pay to buy coffees on the go if I forget my purse!


Legit accidentally microwaved my eftpos card just the other day (plot twist my life is a joke!). I usually just chuck my eftpos card in my bag so I didn’t realise that it was sitting on top of my lunch container, so I put the container in the microwave without paying much attention… Yep! Fried the card. Life would be much simpler with Google Pay right guys?! :slight_smile:


I’m doing a big OE this year in July and Google Pay would be perfect for the trip! Not taking my wallet around would be much easier, and much less risk. It’s one less thing to be worried about losing! Otherwise here in Christchurch, almost every retailer accepts Google Pay so it’s perfect for an even quicker stop to the cafe or doing the weekly grocery shopping. Open the BNZ app, transfer the funds and then pay all using the same device. Pretty choice if you ask me. (Plus the Pixel 2’s camera is phenomenal).


I would love to use Google Pay. I barely ever use cash and yet still carry a wallet whenever I leave the house. If I could use Google Pay to pay for coffee, lunch, shopping, etc, it would be so much more convenient! The worst kind of day is when I forget my wallet or misplace it at home (not uncommon :roll_eyes:) and I am helpless. I NEVER forget my phone though … :money_with_wings:


Being a tech guy wanted to see how easy Gpay was . Lucky I had my chance when I forgot my wallet and even my back up cash that’s I normally carry in my bag. Had Gpay already set up for a while so tried it. Best back up now to have leat to say when I was paying for stuff had to always ask do you have paywave.


My ideal day with Google pay is when I lost my wallet! I was due to go into town and had no idea where i had put my wallet (turns out it was under the car seat the entire time) . Thankfully I had just moved to BNZ and had set up Google Pay. It saved me from needing to ask my friends to lend me a bit of moola, and now i use Gpay more than my card.
Google pay saves the day!


I think one of the best scenario was when I was going for a run or the gym and where all I have on my is my phone for music and mu towel and I desperately want a quick drink from the cafe or to grab some quick groceries on your way home. So handy!