Google Pixel 2 Giveaway! *CLOSED*



Want to win a Google Pixel 2? Read on …

Mobile payments are becoming a day-to-day essential for Kiwis up and down the country. If you’ve experienced the speed and convenience of Google Pay™, or even just the relief of knowing it’s in your pocket when your wallet’s been left at home, you’ll understand exactly why that is.

And if you haven’t experienced Google Pay™ – don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone – you can find out what you’re missing by clicking right here.

Whether you were in a café or a car park, you’ve probably got a story about mobile payments, and we want to hear it.

So, for your chance to win a Google Pixel 2, tell us about an ideal day with Google Pay™. This could be something that actually happened, or it could be something you’d like to happen if you had Google Pay™.

Leave your entry below in the comments. It’s one entry per person and you must be based in New Zealand to enter. The competition ends 29/04/2018 at midnight. The winner be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond. Otherwise another winner will be drawn. For full T&Cs see the top comment shown in the comment section below.

Thanks to Huffer, Middleton and Auckland Transport for our easy day - including conveniently shopping for the latest season fashion, a quick coffee stop and an easy parking payment before work.

Good luck!


Google Pay™ My Day Giveaway terms and conditions:

  1. The Google Pay™ My Day Giveaway opens on 23/04/18 and closes at midnight, 29/04/18. There is one prize, being a Google Pixel 2 smartphone, to be won.
  2. One winner will be drawn at random on 30/04/18, from all eligible entrants.
  3. Entries are restricted to one per person. That person must be located in New Zealand and over 18.
  4. The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  5. The prize draw supervisor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. The winner will be notified via email. If the winner cannot be contacted after reasonable attempts by Bank of New Zealand to arrange collection, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be drawn. The winner will have 48 hours to respond.
  7. Neither Bank of New Zealand employees (as well as their immediate families living at the same address) nor associated agencies of Bank of New Zealand are eligible to enter into the prize draw.
  8. Bank of New Zealand reserves the right to vary, suspend or terminate the prize draw at any time.
  9. BNZ collects and holds entrants personal information solely for the purposes of conducting this specific prize draw promotion and will only use or disclose personal information in connection with this specific prize draw promotion. The information will be destroyed at the end of the Prize Draw. You have rights of access and correction of it.
  10. The promoter of this competition is BNZ, PO Box 2392, Wellington, New Zealand.


My ideal day with Google Pay was the day I accidentally left my Wallet at home but was still able to buy lunch at work and get petrol for my car!


I had exactly the same experience, except I was on the way to the train station!


I often go to concerts and shows and usually leave my wallet behind and just take my phone and card. The tickets are usually on my phone so I’d love having it all on one device and not have to worry about losing my card!


I like to travel light especially on a night out, it’s handy having everything on your phone and not having to worry about waking up the next day looking for your card. :slight_smile:


Everytime I go to the supermarket and forget my cards :joy: oh I wish my phone had nfc so I could use Google pay


An ideal day with Google Pay would be a day without my handbag!!! how free my hand/arm would be? walking out of the house with just a cell phone??? WOW! I imagine that day like this: Everything I need and want is available with Google Pay. I forgot a jacket, and it’s a little chilly - shopping is easy (I have Google Pay), I’m meeting friends for brunch (because, Auckland) and we’re also going to get a ridic ice-cream/dessert straight after (because again, Auckland), paying for drinks, entertainment like a movie, or more drinks and eventually public transport is so easy with just my phone in hand! No more chunky handbag, and fishing for my wallet just to bring out a debit/credit card! Sigh. Lastly, it’ll be awesome to do all these things with heaps of money in my account… haha… The End.


I love being able to go for a walk and have the flexibility to dash into the Supermarket on my way home without having to carry my wallet, just my phone :grinning: so handy!


That’s when it’s at it’s most handy, the I forgot my wallet but didn’t forget my phone scenario


Sounds good


An ideal day with Google pay?

We’d grab groceries and lunch, paying with my phone and using the loyalty cards that sync themselves up with Google pay. Might even be able to grab an n’th meal is free coupon too with the app.

Eventually we could catch a bus with Google pay or get into a concert or show. Something romantic for the lady too, a show or …swing dancing class actually… All paid for without even needing our wallets, just a phone.

That’d be quiet neat, we wouldn’t need to worry about someone grabbing the purse from our shopping trolley or dropping our wallets :slight_smile:


The ideal day with Google Pay is going out not needing a whole wallet but having just my phone and everywhere that I go actually having the ability to pay with Google Pay


Was having lunch with a good friend who has CP & in a wheelchair & it’s a struggle for her to sometimes get card out of wallet & reach EFTPOS machine (you’ll soon notice how high many cafe or bars payment areas are), anyway she always has her phone & said to me “watch this” & paid with her phone. Such a brilliant idea!! It’s the Simple things that can reduces barriers & make life more accessible


I left my wallet at home last week so had to go to the bank at lunchtime to get cash out the old fashioned way (from a real teller) to pay for my lunch and parking. Having the ability to pay with Google Pay would save me the hassle of a trip to the bank when caught in a pinch.


I’d wow everyone with my high tech payment skills! With the added bonus of having less to loose! I recently had my card used for scam online transactions, so hoping Google pay would help decrease the chance of this happening again.


I had left my wallet at home while I went out to prevent myself from impulse buying things I didn’t need but I came across a the perfect mothers day present for my mum. It was the last scarf in stock and if I hadn’t had google pay I would not have been able to purchase it for her


An ideal day with Google Pay would is a day where I can exercise without checking my pockets constantly to check if my cards are still there! Especially when I’m hungry afterwards, it would be so much easier to just tap and pay with my phone. Plus I’d look real tech savvy :joy:


I normally have one of those “wallet” style phone cases because I like just carrying those and my keys around, but I saw a really pretty purse I wanted to try out so I had my phone in a more traditional kind of case - just a bit of protection from dropping, no cards.

I popped out to do some jobs and was so used to leaving the house with phone in one hand and keys in the other that I totally forgot about the pretty new purse! I realised when I got to the supermarket but figured I’ve got my New World card on there now and I can just use Android Pay, so that was no problem. Then I had to grab some new clothes, and a couple of bits and pieces for the kitchen. I was able to go everywhere I wanted and do everything I needed without my purse! Everywhere I needed to go accepted Android Pay.

Felt very swanky indeed, and great not to have to go home again.


I took a trip to Australia, and my card expired half way there! Luckly, the Google pay card updated automatically and I ended up using paywave for a full 2 weeks! No wallet, no worries!