Google Pay needing a PIN

Hello! I have set up Google Pay on my phone. It is really good and fun to use. However, I am noticing that all purchases over $80 need a PIN on the terminal. The BNZ Google Pay information page also says this. For Apple Pay though, a PIN usually isn’t needed. So, do all Google Pay transactions need a PIN, even though fingerprint and other CDCVM methods can be used? It kind of seems to defeat the purpose of Google Pay, if all purchases over $80 need a PIN on the terminal.

All contactless transactions have an NZD limit of $80 at which point there is an additional requirement to confirm identity. Apple devices offer biometric tools like FaceID and TouchID which means a PIN is not always required however as many Google devices do not have these in place currently a PIN is required to validate transactions over $80. I hope this addresses your question.