Giving your credit card details over the phone

Yesterday I gave my credit card details  over the phone to a motel I booked - to hold the room (no charge to be made as yet).  I gave full details including the CVV number, which made me feel a little uncomfortable as I don’t know how they are keeping this information secure, and someone could now use it to make purchases .  Should I feel concerned about doing this or is it just ‘the done thing’? 


Hi Petlmorgan, it is a bit of a hard one this one.  What I do myself and tell customers to do, is to just do a quick google search on the merchant (in your case the motel name) and just make sure they havent got really bad reviews.  This just gives you the piece of mind that they are legitamate and you need to use your judgement to proceed with giving them the information.  If you are ever unsure, contact us, and if needed we are able to block your card to stop them being able to take further funds.   The information you have given over the phone is okay to give to merchants.

Just as a side note, you want to be really careful if someone contacts you over the phone and asks for this information. 9 times out of 10 they are dodgy.  So if that happens, I would suggest to not give out the information, no matter how good the offer is!


petimorgan:  I’ve given some merchants the CVV code, others I haven’t.  Never had a problem with it yet, but I do always have a tingling feeling that I probably shouldn’t be handing it over.

Edit:  The merchants I have given it to, asked for it specifically.  The merchants I haven’t given it to, never asked for it. 

Thank you Krystal and Mitglied. Krystal I feel a little better knowing that it is okay to give this information to merchants, so thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s my general rule to giving my Credit Card details over the phone. “If they call me, I don’t; If I call them (it means I’ve done my research prior) then I do” :-). Hope this helps?


I think sometimes there can be some (rare) problems when you think you are just pencil booking, but they take your card details, and the hotel or motel considers it a firm booking.  Then if you decide to go somewhere else, are a no-show, or don’t ring them back to cancel, you might be charged a full night’s rate.  It depends on their cancellation policy, which isn’t usually told to you over the phone!  So it pays to clarify - if you are only enquiring about availability, you shouldn’t need to give your card details.

The motel or hotel has to abide by terms and conditions as a merchant, which means they should be keeping your details securely.

I always say be prudent giving out your cc details but agree.  Someone calls me and asks for it? Hang up fast!
Do your research.  Google is easy…but if in doubt, go with your gut instincts.

It is quite normal for businesses such as Motels and Hotels to take Credit Card details to hold the room. I agree with @Krystal that Google is a great tool for seeing what a business is like to deal with and there are also some dedicated websites where people can review the businesses which can give you a great indication about the business. Also as Krystal mentioned if you are ever unsure contact us we are more then happy to help.

I only give those details when I gave contacted them.