GIFTS File Format

The GIFTS file format is not available in the new online interface.

Firstly, it would be assuring to know that the old interface will remain available at least until the GIFTS format is added to the new interface for downloading transactions.
Can such an assurance be given?

I have developed systems to import banking data in the GIFTS format - it will be a serious disruption if this is no longer available.

A big advantage of the GIFTS format is that it contains the account number so that the program importing the file can put it in the right place. With other banks I download data from, several accounts are in one file which speeds up downloading and processing considerably. Unfortunately, BNZ cannot create a file with several accounts in it - each one must be saved separately. Something for the develpment team to work on.

Sadly, the credit card data cannot be downloaded in the GIFTS format - only CSV which does not contain the account number (or a partial number if security is a concern). Another item for the development team to add to their list. My systems also import CSV files but it is more cumbersome due to the account number or account name not being present in the file.

Another request is that when downloading files, the system allocates a filename customised to the file being downloaded; with the account nickname and date rather than a generic filename as at present.

This is the case when downloading the PDF bank statements - a very good feature. If this could happen on CSV  and GIFTS downloads it would be most welcome.

Well done though on making the effort to improve the offering to clients. If I can be of service to the develpment team in improving functionality and usability I would be most willing to oblige. Waiting for your call…

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Thanks for this feedback Neronz.  We didn’t include the GIFTS format in the new interface due to low usage numbers.  That said, it’s been a while since we reassessed this so while I can’t give you an assurance that we will do the work to support it, we will do this analysis again and let you know.  We are looking at making some improvements to the export functionality now so we’ll look into it as part of that. 
We will be updating the filename to what you’ve requested, account nickname followed by a date range.
If there are other parts of the export functionality that you’re finding aren’t ideal, we’d love to hear about them as well.

Hi Neronz, BNZ’s Internet Banking for Business already supports the GIFTS format. Could be worth switching over to that if GIFTS is an important requirement for you.

Hi again @Neronz,

We plan to introduce the GIFTS format to new internet banking this Friday and also provide a much longer history via export. We’ve also updated the filenames so they are more descriptive. Give it a try next week and let us know how you go.


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