Getting the older generation to understand Internet Banking

Because Internet Banking is so much safer and more convenient, especially for the older generation, I struggle to understand their reluctance to take it up and I put it down to, we do not like change, we do not understand it, we do not know of the security measures in place, we like the comfort of having a bank teller helping us, we do not know what we can do on line. Maybe it is me but I have not yet seen anything, put out by NZ banks, that would set out information that could influence me to take on internet banking, yes, there is a mountain of topics where that information can be sourced but that is for the already converted and whilst banks have information sheets available on a great number of topics I have not seen one on internet banking and I wonder if a good fact sheet, sent out with monthly statements, could persuade some of the aging doubters to make the change. I have found a Fact Sheet that gives a lot of information on two pages and I wonder if something like this is worth consideration.

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Hi @kahurangibob, thanks so much for your suggestion, I’ve passed it on to the team. It’s something that we’ve been thinking about, so they really appreciated your input :slight_smile:

I wonder if its to do with neuroplasticity of the brain which would describe the change you mentioned. Habits become stronger overtime and as we age the brain’s processes don’t function as quickly. So its natural that older people find it difficult to adopt new technologies like internet banking especially if they are introduced to them later in life. The internet overall can be very alien to them. Also web pages are very busy with alot of detail. For the elderly that I think that can make it difficult to understand what they are seeing and interpreting. There is a real skill to navigating around the internet. Internet banking is not just about banking, its about being able to navigate the internet amongst all the adertising, images, movies trying to get our attention all at the same time. Its just too overwhelming. The elderly would use the internet and banking alot more if it was clean and free of junk.  Also eyesight is challenging even for people that wear glasses. The more you squeeze on the page the harder it is to read. The internet is very impersonal and removes a lot of our instincts to commune physically together. After the earthquakes people naturally joined together to overcome fear. There has been a lot promoted on the dangers of the internet. This naturally creates fear and more so in the elderly and vulnerable people so they are literally too afraid to attempt to try something that has known dangers attached. I think you have to lead them slowly and in increments. Make sure there is a definate advantage for them wanting to use the internet and let internet banking evolve overtime.