Get REDiculous with us for Cure Kids

Red Nose Day is this Friday, 21 August. Over the last month, BNZers have been supporting the Cure Kids annual appeal.

We’ve been baking, sausage sizzling, taking donations, making donations, hosting roadshows and getting REDiculous all to help raise funds for an organisation who fund medical research to save, improve and extend the lives of Kiwi children.

Today, we’d like to tell you the story of one of those Kiwi kids.

Meet Jorja. Jorja is one of the Cure Kids ambassadors and also star of the BNZ small screens, featuring on our ATMs throughout August. That’s her, imitating herself, in the picture.

Curious Jorja Sharp was 19 months old when she investigated a freshly poured piping cup of tea. It spilt down her neck and chest. She was rushed by ambulance to the Burns Unit at Kidz First Hospital for the first of several operations and a series of steroid injections to reduce the scarring from her third degree burns.

Her mother Louise recalls that the day her bandages came off she thought that Jorja looked like a patchwork quilt. She will need further surgery to remove thickened scar tissue in the future.

She was a bit of a celebrity at the hospital after taking part in studies regarding new treatment for scar management. Many years ago Cure Kids funded research led by Dermatologist Nick Burchill who developed a method of growing skin the size of a postage stamp to over 1 metre. This skin is used to reduce burns scarring by up to 30%. As a result of this research a National Skin Bank was set up and continues today. As 70% of all children admitted to hospital who suffer burns are under 3, Cure Kids is very proud to be able to make a difference to the success of their treatment.

Jorja’s parents are not too sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but they are doing all they can, with the help of Cure Kids, to make sure she is a confident girl who won’t let her scars affect her life.

“When you have kids you never know what will happen to them and to have a group of people there to help and make a difference means a lot to us as parents.” – Jorja’s dad Pete

We’re proud to support Cure Kids and ask you to join us. Get your red noses from our stores tomorrow and most importantly donate if you can. You can donate to Cure Kids in a variety of ways such as:

BNZ’s Internet Banking

Once you’ve logged in, just use the ‘Make a Donation’ box that appears on the right hand side.

If you can’t see the donation box it’s because you’re in new Internet Banking and you just need to switch to ‘Old Internet Banking’. To do this, click on ‘Menu’, then ‘Visit old Internet Banking’ and the donation panel will then appear on the right hand side.

By credit card

Donate via credit card on the Red Nose Day website.

At a BNZ store

Donate and pick up a red nose at any one of our stores throughout New Zealand.

By text

This year you can get yourself a ‘virtual red nose’ to share your support for Red Nose Day!

All you need to do is text NOSE to 933 and donate $3 to Cure Kids. You’ll get a reply text message with a link to download our Red Nose Day app. Use the app to take photos and get sharing.

Finally, if you do any of above, a big thank you from us.