Get down to business with Internet Banking

Hundreds of bits and pieces of customer feedback is a lot to go through every day. We do our best, and do you know what? Your comments are priceless and truly make all the difference.

We’re excited to announce that a whole number of enhancements have just been released in BNZ Internet Banking, making it easier to manage your accounts, especially if you run a small business.


“I export data across multiple accounts. Before I used to put in the dates, then change the account name to export. Now I need to put the date in each time. Can you default to the dates entered previously on export?”
Tina G

“Love the new website so far. Just one suggestion. I go through and export the transactions from all of my accounts every week. It would be great if the export box remembered the custom dates I enter, so I don’t have to re-enter them for every account.”
- A
my M

Sorted. Internet Banking now remembers the date ranges you’ve already entered so you don’t have to repeat the process every time. We’re also very excited to announce that you’ll soon be able to export transactions all the way back to late 2012.


Print galore

“Seems a bit complicated to print a list of specified date range of transactions on an account.”
Cindy W

“New Website is awesome. Works just like the Smart Phone - I love it. Would like transaction details available in the Print/Save PDF output i.e. - Particulars, Code, Reference.”
Chris M

We’ve been giving the Print feature a little makeover. A calendar icon makes it easier to select a date range, and after the dates have been selected, the balance column stays visible.

Also, when you press Ctrl+P and print your transactions, your print output will look way nicer and show more details like account number, document name, BNZ logo, and search criteria.

in out.png

Last but not least, and this one’s for Chris M, when printing a transaction confirmation, it will give you the PCR details.

Other goodies

“When looking at transactions online, it would be very helpful to have the ability to show deposits and withdrawals in separate columns. (As your competitors do, and as you used to do)
- Brian K

PLEASE let me sort transaction within an account by date (descending). My accounting software works oldest first and it makes it very hard to look at the transactions most recent first.
- Jim W

With one click it’s now possible to separate your transaction columns to see money coming in and going out. Also, Jim W can now sort his transactions as he prefers.

We can see from the stats that a lot of customers don’t check or haven’t been able to find their TotalMoney summary. A small hint will now show you where it is.

Lots of other small improvements have been made, e.g. your account defaults when you make multiple bill payments, and we’ve made it easier to find your tax payment options.

That’s it for now. A big thanks to all of you for helping us make BNZ Internet Banking even better.

What would you like to see improved in Internet Banking?

Let us know here and we’ll see what we can do.


Could you please consider adding an option that will allow me to download all latest statements from one command.  It is currently rather laborious downloading statements when I have a reasonable number of bank accounts, loan accounts and credit cards.
Thank you - Lawrence :slight_smile:

Hi , this makes sense.  We’ll look into how many customers do something similiar and based on those numbers see what we can do.  Thanks, Luke.

Thank you

Hi Helene
Great work; of course I’m please to see the addition of PCR details on payment acknowledgement PDF.  Perfect!

I have another suggestion on the Transaction Summary: that the account number be included on the header of each page.  Currently it only shows on the first page and that’s fine until you find yourself working with multiple-page Summaries from multiple accounts… what a pickle!  It looks like there is space available in the page-header line:
Left: Print Date
Middle: Internet Banking
Right: Blank (I refer to the area immediately above the BNZ Logo)

Chris M