Generate Statements

Is there any way to generate an online statement at a certain time, because I need a statement that is no older than 30 days for an application as evidence of available funds. Looking through my online statements they are for a period of 3 months and my next statement will be on the 18th Jan, is it possible to get a statement sooner as I would like to apply this week or will I have to wait?

Hi Sam01,
There isn’t a way to get your next statement sooner as they work on a regular cycle, but you could possibly take a printout of the recent transactions for one of your accounts which will have a running balance so be evidence of your account balance and provide a bit of history in much the same way as a statement would?  You could also take a printout of the homepage which would show the balances of all your accounts?

I don’t think taking a screenshot will be able to provide proof that I have access to the funds because it will not show my name.

I will try an old statement and a screenshot to see if the will accept it.

Do you know if bnz charge a fee to produce an official letter on bank letterhead providing a evidence of amount in an account.

I need this to provide to a university in USA and it will also be used for my visa application, so I think the might be strict on what they accept.

I think it would be a good feature if where you can export transaction data to csv, qif, ofx if I was able to export to pdf which generated a statement (not interfering with the cycle of statements but an additional statement for a custom date range)

Hey , for proof of a certain amount in your accounts you can go into one of our stores they’ll be able to print off a details summary that will have your name, address and the balance of your accounts. It’s not a letter as such in that it doesn’t say ‘To whom it may concern, Sam01 has X number of accounts with BNZ…’ etc. but it will show a summary of accounts and their balances and be stamped and signed. They’ll provide you that for no cost.

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