GEM Visa Balance Transfer

Has anyone here done Balance transfer from your GEM Visa? my aplication was approved on Wednesday night and i can see the balance is added to my BNZ CC on Thursday. But i still can’t see my GEM visa balance decremented by the same amount.

GEM usually process Payment on the 2nd business day (which is today), but they do say it might take 3 days (tomorrow). Was wondering if anyone have done it in the past, and how long until they do process it?

Just wondering at which point I should raise the issue again. I have due amount on GEM soon, so would like to plan how much to pay in case the whole balance transfer somehow fail.


Unsure I’m sorry, but make sure you are aware that if you have a balance transfer on a Bnz credit card, its recommended to refrain from doing further spending on the Bnz card, as this will be charged interest from the day you make that purchase until the day it’s paid and could put you in a worse financial position

You can walk into any BnZ store and ask a banker to do it for you. Or login to your internet banking to process it yourself. It won’t be done automatically.