Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay

It was great to see BNZ have such a strong focus on digital banking and being the first New Zealand bank to offer Google Pay.

Does BNZ have any plans to expand the use of digital payments to include popular Smartwatches and fitness trackers from Fitbit and Garmin?

I note that ASB support both Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay and it would be good to see BNZ maintain the digital edge over the other major banks.

I use a Garmin Smartwatch.




I also would like Garmin pay too on my debit card. Really don’t want to have to change banks

Good question! I don’t have word on whether or not we plan to implement Garmin or Fitbit pay in the near future but I have passed this on to the relevant team. ^Jason

Hi, Has there been any update on Fitbit/Garmin pay yet. It has been a year when this was posted but there hasn’t been any update ever the since.

BNZ is getting its mobile banking up to speed in most of the aspects. It would be a big miss if they don’t work on wearable devices as well.

I have been desperately following this post up hoping for any update. But, sadly nothing has changed yet. I don’t really want to switch to other credit card providers because of this. Both I and my partner are having Garmin and Fitbit devices and look forward to take advantage of their contactless payments.

Just please get this feature on board as well. I guarantee you that you will see loads of new customers showing up just because of that.


Hi. Just attempting to bump this one up the chain as it’s been 3 years since it was first raised.

Any chance you could share a roadmap and whether or not Garmin Pay is on it?


Chiming in to say, I’d like Fitbit pay as well please

Hi there, just following up to see if anything has moved forward with BNZ joining garmin pay? Really want to make the most of my smart watch and would be a shame to change banks but will be the case if BNZ aren’t planning to support this function.

Hi all, thanks for the feedback. We currently don’t have any plans to support garmin and fitbit pay but I will relay it to the relevant team. Will be sure to send a message when it does get prioritised :grinning: