Frequent Downtimes

Found out about this forum recently and I think this question would be better put here than twitter. Good choice of Discourse for forum software as well.
Over the past month or two I have experienced several Internet and mobile banking downtime periods.
Is there a reason it seems to be more frequent?
The status page ( is not usually helpful and I assume it is not planned maintenance because I would expect an email notification saying that it would be coming up.
For me having no access to my bank account means I cannot pay for anything as my main workflow is to not use cash and to transfer only the needed amount to my debit card for the next transaction.
I understand that the best time to preform maintenance is in the early hours of the morning but I have experienced downtime at 5pm in the afternoon!
So what I am asking is am going to keep seeing increased downtimes?
Are there any plans to increase redundancy in the online banking infrastructure?
And can I request notifications of scheduled maintenance?

Hi @widgetco, I’ve had a chat to the team and they’ve said that our channels have been available 99%+ of the time but that recently there has been an increased frequency of disruption for customers.

Right now we’re absolutely focused on ensuring our platforms are available 100% of the time, even when we’re doing scheduled maintenance. In the short term we’ve taken on board feedback from you and others, and are in the process of putting together an improved Status page.

It’ll include info on channel availability, traffic light status (a riff on @Thomassuggestion from earlier in the year), and other relevant information about outages (including information on planned maintenance).

We’ll continue to make significant investment to make larger scale improvements over time, but the status page we’re working on should provide better customer communication about issues in the meantime.

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Hey @widgetco and @Thomas - update on the status page: it’s gone live on our website. There’s a link on BNZ’s homepage - let us know what you think :slight_smile:

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This is perfect, thank you

Cool! Looks good!