Fradulent transaction

Rather disappointing I must say. Noticed five transactions to APPLE NZ GCS from my account. At that stage, it was still showing as pending. Called BNZ fraud line and informed them that they were not authorized by me and that there were fraudulent transactions. They promptly cancelled my card and looking at the time of transactions being at 2:00 am, and 4:00 agreed that they were suspicious. And that these transactions would be flagged but from their point of view appeared to be straight to apple. This was in spite of telling them that this card was not connected to my apple account and if I had made payments to apple, I would have got an invoice from them.

In spite of informing the bank, that they allowed those transactions to go through after 24 hrs. Is frankly disappointing (in fact its far stronger words that come to mind) and very poor performance indeed. I was also told that someone would get in touch with me and three days later, there has been neither email or phone call.

On apple support sites, there is numerous discussion about similar fraudulent transactions, and it looks like no one from any side seems to be doing anything about this.

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Hey Jerry, I’m sorry to hear about your experience and I’d like to help rectify this asap. I’ve just sent you a private message - please respond to that with your access number and I’ll look into this for you.

Hi Jerry,
Did the issue get resolved in the end?
Have had the same thing occur to me just last night and have notified everyone I possibly can, I have also cancelled my card. ($350 from Apple NZ GCS Sydney AU over 5-6 transactions last night)

Hi @deeana, I just want to confirm you’ve contacted us via a secure channel regarding this? If not please give us a call asap on 0800 275 269. Thanks, Lawrence

It is my layman’s understanding they can not cancel transactions, and can not initiate chargeback procedures until they are finalised (ie: no longer pending).

So, by my reading of your scenario, it sounds like BNZ did what they could. In any case, you will not lose out. It is Apple who will ultimately lose on this.

Hi, I am in a very similar situation. I am curious to know if it was resolved for all, how about you @jerry ?

I have had 16 withdrawal transactions to Apple NZ GCS between 10:58pm to 11:04pm, a span of 7 minutes. I did not receive any notifications (phone/email) for any of them, as I normally do, even if I spend 1 NZ$. Maybe, (I don’t know), believe it was because it was still showing a status of ‘pending’. I called BNZ and informed them as soon as possible (which was within an hour or two. I was asked which transactions were authorized by me and which were not, they agreed with the transactions being fraudulent and all went well. My card was cancelled instantly. I was told I may or may not be contacted.
The very next day, although I had informed the bank about these ‘pending’ transactions (fraud), they were going through (i.e being withdrawn), and I have been getting the BNZ notifications, 16 of them, saying the amount has been withdrawn. I must say, I expected atleast an email communication regarding my talk with the BNZ Fraud services line. I have no reference (number or code) to this.
And yes it is very disappointing and helpless where I have to look at the messages helplessly. I have tried to contact the BNZ customer care, But its all backed up. I have left messages, but no callback. When such situations happen, there is no way to get in touch with the support team. It is very disappointing.

Hey Mithun, that sounds terrible. I’d like to fix it for you asap. I’ll send you a private message. Thanks,