Forgot access number

Hi there I don’t have my access number and my eftpos card does not have it written down at the back, Ive been trying to find out australias toll free number for bnz as well but no luck, can someone help me please.
thank you.

@lext It should be on the back of your eftpos card, so that’s got me scratching my head. If you need to call from overseas it is +64 4 924 2424

hi bonzo, my eftpos card was directly from the branch so It was written on the back but has now come off so I am not sure what my access number is and also im after the 1300 toll free number please?

@lext88 Now I understand where you are coming from with regards to the access number not being there. I have looked online for that number you are talking about, however I think all of those 1300 toll free numbers no longer exist. I will follow up with some other staff here that may know, sorry for the problem you are facing just now.

no worries bonzo, thank you for your reply, is there a way I can get my access number through here at all please? I have my password and my netguard card on me as well but I am missing my access number.

@lext88 I have been advised that we have another contact number you could use for more information + 64 4 473 5901 to see if they could help you with your problem. I have asked around a couple of people and we do not know of this 1300 number still being used.

Sorry I could not be of more help here but I am sure if you called the above number, they will be able to advise the best solution for yourself.

Hi I lost my card and blocked it but I don’t know my access number off by heart please help

Hi there, sorry to hear you’ve misplaced your card! If you have access to the BNZ Mobile Banking App you can locate your access number under settings. You can also contact us on 0800 275 269 where we can securely identify you and let you know your details :slight_smile: - Adina.

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