Fly Buys

I have a FlyBuys linked Credit Card (Home Advantage Mastercard) , and am wondering how frequently the points are awarded ?
I don’t seem to get anywhere near the points I thought I would based on my spending, in fact my Flybuys history shows I have received only received one lot of points going back to September (doesn’t go back further in history) .
Can someone clarify how it works? Thanks :confused:

Hello nxsta,
The Flybuys points are scheduled to transfer to your FlyBuys account when your statement closes each month. The points will take up to 10 business days to credit your FlyBuys account.
For every $50 spent on purchases you will earn 1 FlyBuys point.
If you think that you should have earned more points on your account, please contact us via a secure channel and we can investigate this further for you. You can call us on 0800 275 269, send us a secure message on Internet Banking, or pop into any BNZ Store.

Thanks Krystal, I am definitely missing a LOT of points as nothing given in Sept, Oct, Nov, (before then I can’t view history) and I certainly have plenty of transactions! I basically put everything on our credit card to ensure plenty of points. Have sent a secure message via banking, just hope response is not too slow :slight_smile:

Hi nxsta
Our response time via Internet Banking should be about 3 business days. If you would like to find out sooner than this, please call us on 0800 275 269, or pop into a BNZ Store.
Thank you, Krystal