Flexi Debit Visa Card - Setting a pin number

I am wondering why i cannot ring up and put a pin on my Visa Debit rather than going into a branch? My Visa Debit with another back allows me to do this which is super convenient for me as I work the hours BNZ Branches are open and cannot make it into branch to do this which means I don’t have access to what is in my account as it is my only card.

Can you please let me know if the information I have is incorrect and that I can activate/set my pin up without going into branch?

Thank you!

Hi @sarahsandilands, at this stage we don’t have the ability to load a PIN over the phone so if your card doesn’t have one loaded, this will need to be done in one of our branches. I completely understand your frustration around this however, so I have been sure to pass this on to our change team so they can look into adding this functionality in future. I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this causes you. Thanks, Jade

Hi @sarahsandilands. We recently launched the ability for customers who join BNZ online to order their Flexi Debit Visa card instantly and load a PIN, meaning they don’t need to visit the branch. In addition they are also able to load the card into their digital wallet instantly so they can begin spending even before their physical card arrives. We appreciate that visiting a branch isn’t the best solution for all of our customers and we are working on allowing self-select PIN for existing customers as well.

Hi @sarahsandilands
You can also visit many of the BNZ branches that are in malls, as they are open in the weekends too. Have a look here for branches that may be close to you. https://www.bnz.co.nz/locations