Flexi debit card link to accounts

I’ve looked over the ‘card’ section online which lets you link cards to accounts but 2 queries -
1/ can I unlink a flexi debit card for online but retain its use for ATMs and eftpos locations
2/ the screen shows how to link cards to accounts but does not reveal what any existing links are in place

All can be done from the BNZ mobile app.

thanks fish but I should have highlighted more that I’m looking at the card section online not the app so I’m still in the dark on both queries

Kia ora billydex
1/ you’re able to unlink the flexi debit card from being used online, but only under the security settings in the app. As I see that you aren’t using the app, you’d have to get in touch with us to get us to do it here. Either by calling (0800 275 269) or sending a SecureMail on your internet banking and we’ll get that done for you.
2/ that screen should show the existing links, you may need to update the browser that you’re using to ensure that feature is available.

Hope this helps,