Fitbit Pay

I believe one of the competition already supports Fitbit Pay. Does the BNZ have this on the to-do list as yet? Would very much like to see this implemented please!

Cheers and thanks!

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Hey Stu, thanks for the question. I haven’t heard anything concerning Fitbit Pay, but I’ll follow up with one of my colleagues once they’re back from the New Year break just to double check. I’ll drop you a message when I have that answer for you. Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

Cheers Lawrence. Happy New Year to you also!

Hi again Stu, thanks again for your patience. We’re currently keeping a keen eye on wearable technology, but there aren’t any solid plans for this at the moment. If/when this changes we’ll definitely let you know :slight_smile:

Could you also consider Garmin Pay? Wearable tech is becoming more popular with both Garmin and Fitbit embedding NFC for their retrospective payment methods. I note ASB supports both now.

Hey Elliot, thanks for the heads up. @Nick are you aware of any movement around Garmin Pay?

Hi, nothing to announce at the moment, we are always looking for opportunities in this space, but if and when we have something to announce, you will hear us loud and clear !

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