First job & being paid

I have an everyday account & eftpos card, however it was set up years ago and I never actually used it, so I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to banking.

I just got my first proper job and need to fill in forms & give them my bank account number, but I have no idea what that number actually is. It isn’t the number on my card, right? And it’s not the access number on the back, either.

So what the **** is my bank account number? I don’t even receive bank statements anymore in the mail, though I have no idea why. I do, however, have the receipt for a cash deposit made the day I set it up, which says:

02-xxxx-xxxxxxx-083 $70.00
Account Name: Everyday Account

Is THAT number my bank account number? When giving it to employers, do I just give them the entire thing? Or just a certain section of the numbers? I’m so confused. Also, is it necessary that I set up internet banking? I have my net guard card still, though I’ve long since forgotten the password/telephone pin or whatever.

Hey @shaz.kayz, thanks for the question :slight_smile: The number you’ve written out in the message is your bank account number, so if you put that down you should be fine. For future reference, you can also access your bank account number via internet banking, which we can easily help you set up if you pop into a branch or give us a call on 0800 275 269. Any other questions let us know.