Fingerprint login


On my phone a couple of times I have had the fingerprint login be disabled. Once it was because I added a new fingerprint but other times ito just happened when I tried to log in.

I am using a galaxy s6


Hi @Sam01,

There is a bug with Android Fingerprint login, where it can become disabled. It does not look to be common, however it has been fixed, a new build will be released tomorrow or Wednesday to Google Play.



Hi @Sam01,

A new build is out now on the play store. If you are still having issues after updating the app, please let me know.



Hi @Eric

Since the app updated my fingerprint login has still been disabled twice.


Hi @Sam01,

Thanks for letting us now.

We did fix a known issue, but there does seem to be something else going on that we can’t replicate, which is specific to Samsung phones. We are looking into it.



I recently changed handsets and activated BNZ Android app last night. I was unable to setup the fingerprint scan function as it is not accepting my password as the green button is not active. I am now using the HTC 10, previously I had BNZ active on a HTC One M9 but did not have fingerprint scan setup.


Hi @Kiwiblockhead,

Do you mind sending me your phone number via private message? I would like to get this resolved for you.



Thanks so much Eric, that did work.
Maybe the wording could be changed to “current internet banking password” or the likes so others don’t overlook in their haste and try to use their pin as well…LOL!
Appreciate the prompt response!


I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 that I have just recently updated to Marshmallow 6.0.1 and was wondering if I can get the fingerprint login feature.



Hi @anguswright9911,

Both Android and Samsung built a fingerprint login feature, we utilise the Android API in the BNZ app, this is normally available on 6.0 and above. Unfortunately, Samsung has not included this in the operating system upgrade for the s5, so the feature is not available on your phone. Samsung did include it for the s7.



I doubt the value of a fingerprint for authentication purposes as this can’t be changed if compromised.