Why cant you show the transaction of where my $ go when you take out fees? Not everyone has extra in bank. When i view my transactions online, i expect to SEE where my $ have gone, if you can TAKE MY $, you can at least at the same time show where and why you took it. Even if it is only $2.00!

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Hello This may help you
In 2009 BNZ  provided answers to a submission to the Ministry of Consumer affairs. The submission was regarding credit cards but the same rules probably apply.
One of the questions was - Should credit card issuers be required to provide disclosure regarding the true cost of interest that accrues when minimum payments are made? BNZ’s reply - BNZ submits that requiring disclosure on the true cost of interest to customers would be a major imposition…
What that means is BNZ nor any bank won’t change their systems just because you ask them to. Banking is tied up in policies, codes of conduct and statues.  But you do certainly bring up a valid point, and I for one, commend you for speaking out. Banks should be required by law to disclose all fees, penalties and interest and should make them available for the life of the bank account or the credit card so they can be viewed in detail by the customer.

Another point worth mentioning.
When you open a bank account or a credit card with a bank, you are entering into  a legally binding contract with the bank. Always read the terms and conditions that you sign and ask for a copy of any declarations that you sign with the bank. Don’t rely on the word of the person over the counter at the bank or the customer services person on the phone. Make sure you get every piece of information in writing and if you speak to any bank on the phone, make sure you record the phone call.