[Feedback] discern which Credit card consumed what

Hi There,

As the title says, since you changed the play rules to get a CC (count rent as a total even if its distributed in a married couple) in the middle of my wife’s process to get one, which meant we went through the process in vain and now she’s re-added as a secondary card under mine, we NEED to know what exactly is being spent by each card instead of going spending by spending to guess who did what.

just give us the ability to discern which plastic was used on a transaction, since you use the same CC number, you probably have a way internally to discern them.

This doesn’t even play nice in accounting software, so it goes against you attempts to also understand where someone spends what where in the App and online.


Hi Chares thanks for reaching out! I completely see where you are coming from. Unfortunately at this stage there is no way to differentiate which card was used for online purchases when it comes to Joint/Additional Credit Card Facilities as the details are identical. When it comes to card present transactions we can see which card was used internally. I appreciate you raising this feedback and I will pass it on accordingly, so hopefully something can be implemented as you mentioned.