Feedback and improvements

BNZ android phone widget - for viewing balances
BNZ android wear app - for viewing balances
Being able to cancel card or block if stolen from the app - like you can do on ANZ
Get cash out of ATMs without your card - using NFC like android pay
Have a few different options for what the visa debit card looks like - I don’t like the look of it
Calendar function from online banking to turn up on mobile
Have push notifications instead of mobile phone
No annual fee for Visa debit card for Students
Spending tracker - see what you are spending your money on
Budget planner - Make a budget

It would be interesting to see some of these things to come to BNZ in the future and it would set it apart from other banks in NZ, Because currently most of the banks seem to be the same.

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Forgot to add custom usernames instead of those numbers that are hard to remember

Particularly would like a spending tracker. Great idea that others have also suggested. Would be nice if BNZ replied on this aspect.