Feature Requests

A couple of suggestions:

  1. The ability to automatically syphon X% of any deposit into a given account into another (ie automatically transfer 10% of any deposit into my “Travel Savings” account
  2. The ability to round up any withdrawal/payment and take that remainder into another account (ie any spending/payments are rounded up to the nearest $1, $5, %10 etc, and the amount rounded deposited into my “Travel Savings” account)

These have probably been suggested before, but thought I would jump onboard. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, team!

  1. The ability to receive an alert when an account gets to a certain number. For example, Alert me when my savings account gets to $3000 (because given features 1 & 2 above, that might happen without my knowledge) so I can then move those funds into a term deposit… (Not sure if savings goals do this now?)

I like the idea of taking a certain percent out of a deposit, it is exactly what I am looking for because it means I will be able to allocate my pay to different accounts without having heaps of automatic payments.

@Sam01 - Good idea, we have been looking at different options around a salary splitter and think it would give customer value. So definitely on the backlog.

@Eric Hi team,

Any word on if/where something like this is on the backlog? It would be an awesome feature…