Feature requests

@Mathewcoleman - @Eric’s comment was in response to @Justice :slight_smile:

@brad, thanks, don’t know how I missed that. Sorry @Eric, so my request still stands, need to be able to do international transfers in the app.  Cheers

I would love to be able to change Pin numbers for cards within internet banking like you can do with ANZ.

@Mathewcoleman and @TimArmstrong, thanks for the feature requests, we will put them in our backlog of upcoming work.
FYI -  After we release PIN for Android, the next piece of work we will be looking at, is adding automatic payments via the app.

If you live in Wellington and are interested in coming into the office to do some usability testing for APs- let me know.


Thanks @Eric. When would adding the international payments into the mobile App likely to be looked at. Whilst I’m not technical, I don’t know how hard it is to do, but as it’s an existing oine feature/facility, I would hope it would be an easier improvement to make.

Hi @Mathewcoleman, to be honest I can’t give you a date at this stage, as I don’t know when we will be working on it. We do take customer requests into consideration when building features, this is why we are working on APs next, it’s the most requested feature. The more requests we get will bring it up our backlog of work.


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