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BNZ’s mobile app is pretty good. Would be awesome if it had a cleaner design like YouMoney follows but even more simple because this is on mobile of course. Thats just nitpicking from me though.

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Hi @TimArmstrong . More nitpicking please!

Which design aspects of YouMoney would you like to see better reflected on the mobile app? Our aim is to keep things comfortably familiar between the two, while building more on the strengths of each. We’ve all sorts of plans coming together so it’d be really useful to hear more of your thoughts.


I was referring to the Android version of the BNZ mobile app originally however I recently saw the new iPhone version and was very impressed.  If the Andriod app is taking this direction eventually then I have no complaints!

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Another idea I just had when trying to tame my numerous accounts was some form of account grouping. EG I have an account for my CHQ, SAV and a credit card, so being able to group those as one group/folder, I have two jobs and so two deposit accounts for them, as well as one for general deposits plus any I set up for special deposits e.g. for trademe or recently the bosses christmas present so I could post that account to my workmates, that could be another group, as could accounts where I am putting money away for things.

My vision for such an implementation would be akin to how Win8 groups apps on the home screen, so in my case there would be three columns each say 2-3 icons wide (responsive would change this of course) with a name above each column, with some seperation between each (not much but say double the usual separation between accounts).

Thanks so much for the wonderful platform!

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Another idea I had re notifications was to allow a setting for a certain deposit, rather than a notification for every deposit you could have it set to only notify for one account, or if it fell between a certain amount.

Touch ID would be a great feature. It would save so much time logging in! I would be completely happy using it for payments under $50-100 dollars and then requiring your password. If you could be one of NZ’s first banks to do that, I think you would have a keen audience who would switch just to use a feature like that as it shows you are a bank that is keeping up to date with the latest innovations that we use daily :slight_smile:

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We are looking at Touch ID at the moment and figuring out where it fits with login.  Balancing the convenience with security. Hopefully we have some firm news for you in the next couple of months.

Here’s an article regarding one of Americas big banks integrating Touch ID with their banking app…

I think it would be a big improvement to the app and would be an edge over the other banks in regards to their apps. A secure and fast way to login. And now with the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 with a Touch ID sensor, now is the time :slight_smile:

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@bazingtonn We hear you and we hope to be able to give you a nice surprise in the very near future !

There is one simple feature I would very much like added to both the online banking and the app. I want to be able to mirror/copy anything I type in the “For You” boxes into the “For Payee” boxes. It is a small thing but makes banking so much easier when it comes to copying specific reference numbers and codes.

@Justice - You should be able to do this now on the mobile apps. For a transfer or one off payment. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.


No Eric, you cant

A one off payment overseas would need more details than logging onto the PC. Don’t forget BNZ need to make this as simple/ easy as any other transaction. I’ve lost $400 in the last few months due to lack of ease for international transfer capability.

@Mathewcoleman - @Eric’s comment was in response to @Justice :slight_smile:

@brad, thanks, don’t know how I missed that. Sorry @Eric, so my request still stands, need to be able to do international transfers in the app.  Cheers

I would love to be able to change Pin numbers for cards within internet banking like you can do with ANZ.

@Mathewcoleman and @TimArmstrong, thanks for the feature requests, we will put them in our backlog of upcoming work.
FYI -  After we release PIN for Android, the next piece of work we will be looking at, is adding automatic payments via the app.

If you live in Wellington and are interested in coming into the office to do some usability testing for APs- let me know.


Thanks @Eric. When would adding the international payments into the mobile App likely to be looked at. Whilst I’m not technical, I don’t know how hard it is to do, but as it’s an existing oine feature/facility, I would hope it would be an easier improvement to make.

Hi @Mathewcoleman, to be honest I can’t give you a date at this stage, as I don’t know when we will be working on it. We do take customer requests into consideration when building features, this is why we are working on APs next, it’s the most requested feature. The more requests we get will bring it up our backlog of work.


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