Feature request Credit Card Payment

Hi there,

I am not sure if this is something that exists or not but someone way to see how much is left of each monthly payment on your credit card. For example my recent statement was for $xxx and I knew that on the day my statement had ended I had put the value of a recent internet bill across onto it, this did not appear on the statement so I assume that means it counts as a payment towards the total, but it is hard to know because whenever I go into outstanding balance it still says the original payment amount, even though in theory the value of my internet bill + the money on there since should equal exactly the payment. Is this something I am missing or a possible new feature to add?

Cheers, Rene

Ps Love the Apple Watch app, handy to have balances and good to see you beat Westpac despite their posturing in the media about getting an app out there for the watch! I wonder if there is a significant correlation between people who are likely to already own and apple watch/get one in the near future and iPhone 6 ownership… If so they should think about optimising their ‘new’ ‘award winning’ app…