Feature Removed, iOS?

It seems a little feature has disappeared during a recent update. It may be an insignificant change for many but I found it useful while adding transactions to an online budgeting website. In specific, I am referring to the iOS app.

It used to be possible to click a transaction to open it and then scroll up/down through the other transactions. Now, you have to exit from the specific transaction to go to the next.

Is this something that could possibly be added back @BNZ ? Then again, it could just be me who used that function!!

Kia ora, thanks for raising this (and apologies for the late reply). So that we can forward this to the Digital team to look into, are you able to clarify what you’re trying to do when selecting these transactions? For example, are you trying to export them to third party software or just clicking on them so that you can view further details such as the transaction date and time etc?

Hi @MaxB

Thanks for the reply. I am referring to clicking on the specific transaction. Prior to the last update you didn’t have to exit the transaction to scroll to the next but now it seems you do.