Extended transaction history for online banking


Until the end of last year, we displayed 6 months’ worth of transactions for everyday bank accounts and credit cards in our personal online banking site. We had a lot of feedback from customers telling us this wasn’t enough.

What we did

Our development team wanted to address this problem. We wanted our solution to be fast and display up to 3 years of transactions. So, the team did a lot of technical investigation to come up with a solution they believe would perform to our standards.

We also needed the design to be clear and easy for people to use. So, we created wireframe designs that we user tested with customers, updated from their feedback and tested again until we had a good look and feel. We also enhanced some search functions to help locate individual and specific types of transactions. Check out our help and support section for more info.

We finished building this in our online banking site in December last year. We told customers who logged in that we had made some changes with a pop up message overall the change was well received.


Take a look

If you have an everyday account or credit card with more than 6 months of transaction history you can log into online banking; click on the account tile, scroll to the bottom of your transactions and click “show more” or start typing in the search transactions bar.

In the future

It’s not in our mobile banking yet. But we hope this still helps customers with their everyday online banking particularly around tax time.


I am trying to finish off my tax return for FYE17, so was looking at old statements. Great for accounts, but the credit card ones only go back for 12 months. Did you only roll out 12 months for C/C’s?

We extended transaction history for both credit card and everyday accounts. So you should be able to see up to 3 years for both.

To see your transaction history you need to click on the account or credit card tile you are wanting the details for. Then either scroll to the bottom and click to see more transactions or type search details into the search bar to display them. You can use date range, key words etc click here for more info.

Is this not displaying for you?

Hi Lucy

That’s odd, because I tried to get statements and look at the history. Neither worked for my joint credit card, but did for my CIF account.


Hey Chantal,

How long have you had your credit card for - roughly?

Also, are you looking at statements in the document section or in the transaction history when you click on the tile?


Hi Lucy

We’ve had the credit card facility for years….although we’ve had a few card reissues, once in the last year.

Via Documents there is no option to scroll up/down the pop out screen.


And via Trans History, won’t go back to May/June 2016: