Export to a CSV File Update Time Lag


This morning 1 January 2018 I went to Export a csv file from date range 14 August 2017 to 31 December 2017. When I opened the exported file the last transactions were dated 29 December 2017. On morning of 31 December I downloaded (into pdf format) my transactions for 30 December 2017 -my most recent transactions.
Is there a Time lag for updating the Export to csv file process?

b) I tried emailing this same message to BNZ Contact Centre today - clicked on Send and the message disappeared. It did not then show up in Sent but when I went to exit I was confronted with 2 Tabs “Discard message” and Return to message. When I clicked on Return to message I just got the blank screen. What has happened?


Hey Neil, thanks for the question. There could be transaction lag because of the processing time, e.g. transactions showing as pending, but not quite banked. A message not being sent through is quite strange - you may need to perform a system update. If that doesn’t help let me know and I’ll investigate further for you :slight_smile: And Happy New Year!


Hi Lawrence.
Both issues seem like Timing factors.
a) Today (4 January) I went to the Export to a CSV file tab and this time my transactions of 30 December showed.

b) For test purposes I went into “Contact Us” on BNZ and this time (4 January) my message was sent as I had previously expected. My wording was as [per my submission to you on BNZ Community.

Perhaps both issues related to the fact that my original attempts were made during the Statutory Holiday period.