Evil Paywave - when will BNZ act?

I use my credit card often. I always enter a PIN number - not signing or contactless.

Most of the time it works as expected. Unfortunately, on occasions I come across an evil eftpos machine which literally grabs the money immediately. Even worse, BNZ seems to be in denial about this - preferring to lecture their clients about using or avoiding Paywave.

I understand well how it works and I am very familiar with technology, working in the IT industry.

The problem is the theory of contactless payments (Paywave) and how it is implemented on some terminals do not tally up. I am not joking when I say there is zombie terminals which literally grab the payment with no delay or intention or consent from the customer.

I have experienced this at Countdown and Supercheap Auto.

When will the BNZ face up to this problem and offer clients the option to turn this hideous thing off?

I love the convenience and speed of paywave (especially without a PIN for low value purchases). It makes going through the dreaded supermarket queue or service station queue quick and painless. I love this feature so, so much and would be so gutted if it were taken away. Pretty sure you can still insert your card into the eftpos terminal if you aren’t a fan…


Hi Michael, some terminals seem to be more sensitive to contactless cards than others. This is hardware related and will vary from terminal to terminal, it’s not something BNZ or any bank has control over. There are many terminal providers in New Zealand.

However, BNZ merchants can turn contactless on or off (providing their terminal is contactless capable) by contacting our Merchant Support team. This request is passed to Paymark who implement it. Ultimately it’s up to merchants as to whether or not they want to accept contactless payments and many choose to do so because of the convenience it offers their customers.

What myself and others have clearly asked for is the individual ability to turn contactless payments off for our cards, as offered by other banks.

Hi Michael, the best alternative I have come across it to make a dummy account with $0.00 on internet or mobile banking, go into a store and ask them to disable overdraft ability on that account, then go into the cards menu and link the dummy account to the online/paywave space. This means that any accidental payway will try to take from this dummy account and be declined. The only issue with this method is that if you want to use the card to make purchases online as you do with a credit card, you will have to relink your real account to do the transaction then remember to link the dummy account again when you are finished.

Obviously this is quite a time investment, and I personally find just carrying a plain eftpos card is a much easier alternative (you can go into any store and ask for a branch card on the spot, takes 2 minutes)

Hope this helps!

So not a solution. There are 3 ways I use the card - eftpos (with a PIN), online and MOTO (over the phone).

Could the BNZ just fix this pain in the butt once and for all…?

I cannot fix this as I am a Teller, but will pass it on. I know that isn’t the ideal answer but it’s all I can personally do. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I entirely agree with Michael although my issue is that of not being offered any personal choice as to whether I want Pay Wave or not at any time. I have also experienced my efforts to cover the wireless symbol on the card being futile. I don’t want the machines changed; I want BNZ to offer us A CHOICE as to whether we have paywave. THen those like Rachel can continue to enjoy the perceived advantages. Congratulations to those Eft Pos vendors who have cancelled the PayWave on their machine. I am also fundamentally opposed to a card which can be used by anyone should I leave it in a machine by accident.

If you use a hole punch and make a hole smack bang through the PayWave antenna, this will disable contactless payments.

Thank you. I may end up resorting to that but I really want is BNZ to acknowledge that this was a move over which we have no control and to offer a choice to individual card holders.

Found on NAB’s* internet banking:

And on the App (tablet view)

*NAB (National Australia Bank) is the Australian parent company of BNZ.

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