Ever wanted an alternative to the NetGuard Card? It's here


Hi everyone

We’re pleased let you know that there’s a new version of NetGuard called Two-step Authentication. We know that this is a request you’ve been asking for, so here it is!

If you use mobile and internet banking, you can now authorise payments through your mobile app.

Find out more here.

For now, two-step authentication is only available to people who have mobile banking and who have chosen to turn off NetGuard at login.

Try it out in Internet Banking and tell us what you think in comments below.


This is awesome news! Thanks for sharing, @Nick.

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I haven’t added a new payee since the change but it looks like a really good move.


Net guard is one of the stupidest most frustrating systems. What you need is an option for people to not have to use it at all, it just bring inconvenience more than anything I have found and I am seriously considering moving banks because of it. I lost my phone, and am unable to use my internet banking until a new netguard card arrives by post. Surely there should be a system to bypass these issues to allow me to log in. For a company focused on being technologically relevant you’re really missing the mark