Encore and Baycorp

Last year Encore Capital Group purchased 50.25% (controlling share) of Baycorp.

Encore are a finance company that purchase consumer recievables (debt). Their mission they say is to help people recover from financial difficulty. They are the worlds largest debt buyer of subprimers. They have subsidaries all over the world and Baycorp are one such subsidiary. They have a research department on behavioural sciences and consumer purchasing power. They use credit reporting data in the USA for their research into the numbers of people that file for bankruptcy.

Suddenly I feel like I’m part of a huge experiment.

So delinquent debt actually ends up on the stock market - NASDAQ

One way to know if Encore is getting richer by our debt, is to track their share price.

You probably are right in that respect and I operate a large forum for people seeking self sufficiency. But lets be clear about something important - you stuffed up and you are going to have to clean up the mess. Then you can work on self sufficiency if that’s your path in life… or whatever your path is.

What about the upcoming market crash?
Who’s going to clean up that mess?