Editing automatic payments with the BNZ mobile app

Today we released the ability to edit your existing automatic payments from within the Android and iOS BNZ mobile banking app. This means making changes to your automatic payments when you want, no matter where you are.

If you are using the iOS BNZ mobile banking app, simply select and existing automatic payment you have set up from the ‘Upcoming payments’ section in the menu and click on the edit icon on the top right corner.

For all you Android users, once you select an automatic payment, simply tap on a field that has an underline and you can make changes inline.

I would love to hear your feedback!



HOORAY! So pleased to see this feature. Chur BNZ Digital.

Looks like you need to upgrade your app first - well at least for iOS

Good point @jessie, every time we do a release for the BNZ mobile app on Android and iOS, we need to the app to be updated so the latest features can be used.

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