Double charging?

Ever since I got my BNZ Business Debit Card, every time I make an online transaction, I’m double charged.

The first charge goes through like normal (usually), then the second charge “holds” for 7 days. I can see the money, but I can’t touch it. The bank can see a hold, but can’t release it. The vendor can’t see anything. Eventually it’s released back to me and I can use those funds again.

It happens with every online transaction I make - no matter who the vendor, or what payment processor they use. It’s been happening for 7 months. We’ve tried replacing the debit card, it still happens. No-one at the BNZ knows what’s happenning (they’ve been very helpful about it and spent many hours working on it, there just doesn’t seem to be an answer short of changing banks).

What I’m wondering is… am I a glitch in the matrix, or does anyone else have this problem? Because today it’s very nearly cost me my website and I’m pretty close to crying.

This is an intriguing problem which we haven’t encountered before. We would really like to solve it as soon as possble so please contact our Payment Solutions team on 04 924 8484 and we will investigate further and come up with a solution.  Sorry about the experience.

Hi @katjnz, I’ve escalated this internally for you and will be in touch. Thanks for pitching in, @CM, we’re onto it.
Hopefully it is just a weird glitch in the matrix, but if anyone else has experienced  similar issues we’d like to know about it.

BNZ Community Manager