Doing business in India

I have seen the amazing chain on doing business in China. Having just read that India is the nw China and is 20 years behind China, the comment was “Get on the wave early”.

I understand most of the world’s rugby balls and manufactered in India, so I am keen to get a run down about India in a similar fashion as the “Doing Business in China” chain of info please…



Hi Ryanthelion. You are correct in the fact that India presents itself as a massive market. The challenge has been capturing that opportunity. Many NZ companies have tried and even with a deliberate focus by the NZ Government have still failed. Exports to India are fairly stagnant, either because it was primarily coal based exports or we have (as you have pointed out) been focusing too much on China. The next big problem is trade access and high tariffs on some goods. No FTA at the moment although that is being worked on so hopefully we will get some movement. I don’t hold out alot of hope as India has many other pressing issues to deal with but lets be optimistic at least. So rugby balls…didn’t know that but they do have significant manufacturing capability and plenty of accessible labour so not surprising. I am guessing they make the most cricket bats and balls also…just guessing! Can add plenty more comment but lets see where this thread goes first. Paul