Does BNZ have a Salary Split feature

I am close to moving to BNZ after successfully purchasing a new property, I was, however, wondering if BNZ has a similar feature to Westpac’s payline (salary) split. This feature allows you to have an invisible numbered account that you can give to an employer and when your salary goes into that account, an agreed preset amount goes into one account (i.e Bills) and the rest goes to your current (everyday) account. this allows for all our direct debits etc to be setup on the bills account and the rest is your pocket money.

if someone could tell me if BNZ does have this and if so what it’s called, that would be appreciated.


Hey Dave thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately BNZ does not have this feature at this stage.

Hi Jason, Thanks for your response. Is there any plans for addition of this in the future? and if not, could BNZ please start planning towards it?


Hey Dave, nothing in the near future unfortunately. I have submitted this as an opportunity for our team to hopefully implement in the future.

Can this not be done by just having two accounts? You can create an account for salary (or bills), and then set up a monthly transfer to a second account (cash) for a particular amount. You load the second account details onto your EftPOS card and not the first. You can also hide the first account from mobile (and possibly internet banking?).

Hi Sibrit,
although i imagine that yes, even with being paid fortnightly you could do this with automatic payments etc. it is a bit messy (i have attempted this before).

have a look here for a more in depth look at the feature i currently use:

I currently do this with multiple accounts (e.g. “Bills”, “Rent”) and recurring automatic payments that divvies my salary up every payday. Creating new accounts takes literally 5 seconds so this is pretty easy for me.

I’m not sure how the Westpac one is easier — it looks like it requires the same amount of setup.

I guess with fortnightly wages, then it might be a bit more difficult. In wonder if your employer could pay your salary into two accounts? Mine would, if I asked.

Mine too, however it would require I ask our accounts person (who is generally busy enough) to change the amount every now and then if the amount to bills needed to increase or decrease. I liked the feature with Westpac, but if i could have easily changed the amount myself instead of having called or emailed the bank, that would have made it ideal.