Documents (Statements)

It would be greaty if DOCUMENTS could show on the Mobile App and access to view details of monthly statements, as well as being able to print them out from the Mobile App be made available. Currently I have to log onto my computer in order to do this.

Hi @Mac123,

We are working on it now. The first release will be Statements of open accounts and Credit Cards - shouldn’t be too far off.



I cant find ‘Documents’ in the menu of online banking to see my statements. Can anyone tell me how to find my statements please.

Hi @Stewmar,

It’s in the works now - but hasn’t been released yet. Should be available by the end of March, all going well.


Any updates on this?

Hey @Eric, have we had any changes here?

It’s looking likely for this week or early next week - account and credit card statements only.



Hi all, we’ve made an update to the app :slight_smile: See our latest topic here on the community for more info!

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Great news!!

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Ohhh yeah, this is great

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Happy to see Documents (Statements) for all my accounts on the Mobile App. However, disappointed that my KiwiSaver annual statement isn’t. I also have noticed that there are no statements for my accounts dated May.

Hi @Mac123 , I’m so sorry at this stage KiwiSaver annual statements aren’t visible on our mobile app- we are definitely working hard to make this happen! In the meantime, if would like to access your KiwiSaver annual statement, you can view them on our BNZ internet banking website under “Menu” then “Documents”. As for your May statements, when do you normally get your statements? Are they monthly or 3 monthly? They may not be appearing simply because they haven’t been produced just yet. It does depend on your statement frequency. Any more questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks, Julia.

Hi @Mac123, just to let you know KiwiSaver annual statements are now available on our mobile apps. Just tap on the menu, then tap Documents, and you should see a new entry for KiwiSaver annual statements. Enjoy!


If there is anything else KiwiSaver related I can help you with, just DM me.
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adrian, if i don’t see a new entry for kiwisaver annual statments it means i’m doing something wrong? lately it is hard for me to be focusing because i’m about to buy steroids with credit card so i might be doing something wrong. thanks and sorry if anything.

Hi Prals, we’re happy to help you with your issue, but please don’t link to steroids from this platform :slight_smile: Thanks,

Any ability to get text notifications when credit card statements are ready? common among other banks worldwide.

Hi there, we can set up text notifications that let you know when your payment is due and the amount due. Give us a call on 0800 275 269 or send us a secure message via Internet Banking or the Mobile App and we can look at getting this set up for you :slight_smile: -Adina.