Disputed Transaction Resolution delays


40 business days is the length of time I have been advised it will take to resolve my disputed transactions. These are 2 separate transactions that occurred on my Debit Visa card and are costing me $280 plus interest that I would have saved on my Total Money Mortgage. This is really unacceptable and I have been patient. The 40 business days is up next Friday and i am guessing that i will get another ‘please wait’ message. This is my money and there must be a better way. Would it not be cheaper to have a slush fund to pay back amounts of money rather than taking the time and effort to investigate plus the 4 times i have called and wasted mine and BNZ’s time explaining it?


Hey @Topcat12

Oh no! That’s no good. The standard timeframe we would advise approximately 30 days to get an outcome on disputed transaction cases. We advise this timeframe because when BNZ contacts the merchant/s bank, they have a maximum of 30 days right of reply. The Disputes team do work hard to resolve cases as quickly as possible however some cases do exceed that timeframe but regardless I’d like to sincerely apologise for the delay you’ve experienced.

Normally the BNZ Disputed Transactions team would contact you directly by email or mail (dependant on the option you chose when you lodged your case with us) if they require more information and they won’t proceed with any case until they get that information sent back to them, are you able to double check your inbox, including the spam folder, or your mailbox to see if you’ve received any correspondence from that team?

Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to call us on 0800 275 269 or send a secure message through internet banking so we can touch base directly with the Disputes team to see if we can get an update for you :slight_smile:


Hi @Topcat12

Apologies for the length of time it has taken us to investigate your disputed transactions. However, I am happy to advise that Darren in my team processed a chargeback for your case yesterday, and we have credited your account for the transactions in dispute.

Please note that there is a chance that the merchant may challenge the chargeback if they believe the transaction is legitimate. If they do challenge we will contact you regarding next steps.

Disputed transactions / chargebacks is a complicated process, and we need to ensure we are strictly following VISA / MasterCard rules and regulations. Unfortunately this can lead to a delay in processing times, but rest assured we always strive to get the best possible outcome for our customers!


I have a fixed about charged to my credit card each month. It started in July. Tried goggling company , but no success, usually get an error notice. Don’t know whether this company is in NZ or overseas. Presume ordered something on line from this company, but not aware is owed money on anything I purchased.
If unable to contact them or Bank can’t may need to have this charge blocked, from continual charging.
Anyone help.


Hi @Urunner,

The first step is for us to get some more information from you in relation to the recurring charges so we can determine how to proceed. From what you have advised it sounds like you may have signed up for a ‘Free Trial’ of some goods online and you are now being charged a recurring fee to continue to receive the goods.

Can you please call us on 0800 275 269 so we can investigate further?


Hi Nick, tried that number earlier, just get put on hold, with standard answer. Don’t have unlimited time to wait.

Roger Moroney


Hi @Urunner,

Apologies - Monday mornings can be very busy for our contact centre staff so wait times may be a little longer than normal.

Can you please email the details of the transactions in dispute directly to my team - BNZDT@bnz.co.nz and I will get one of my team members to follow up as soon as possible. Please also provide your best contact number in case we need to get further details from you prior to determining next steps.


H I all, contacted your BNZ Community about above, and Nick 1 replied, to contact you people.
The name of the Company involved is, ‘GENTILECAREPRO.COM RAMELTON IE.
The dates of the charges on my Visa statements are: 23 July, 25 August, 26 September, and 27 October. The last two on the October statement.
All of these charges were for same amount, ie $13-95, presumably NZ currency as there is no conversion from another currency , such as USA., on any of statements.
Hope this helps, and whether you can make contact with this company to clarify situation…
My Microsoft Oulook wasn’t recognising the email you sent me.


Thanks Roger - I have forwarded this on to one of my team members and we will be in contact with you asap.


Hi Nick, any joy in contacting the particular company?

Roger Moroney


Hi Roger,

After we processed the chargeback on the 7th November and credited your account for the transactions in dispute, the merchant did not respond to us. This indicates that they accepted the chargeback as being fraudulent and did not provide any documentation to attempt to validate the charge. So unfortunately we have not been able to attain any more information about the merchant.



Hi Nick, thanks with your efforts. It least I can get refund or credit to my next Visa statement, which should arrive first week of December.
Cannot recall purchasing anything from this so called company.


Roger Moroney


Hi Roger,

That’s right - the refunds were processed to your account on the 7th November, so will appear on your next statement.



My experience and doubtless 000’s of others is the abuse of the ‘1week free look’ offer. They offer a free trial againt yand ignore your cancce


In past years the Bank would immediately accept my dispute notice and recredit disputed transactions but these days the Bank ‘punishes’ me by requiring cancellation and issue of a new card