Display Picture


I opened a new account and i’ve set a display picture for it however everytime i log back on to the app again the picture is changed to one of the BNZ display pictures. Can anyone help please as I like having display pictures for each account haha.


Hi @sheens, can you confirm that you’ve selected “Save” after changing the image? There’s a clear step-by-step process via this link: https://www.bnz.co.nz/support/internet-banking/personalisation/changing-account-images

If you’re still having the same issue after that just let us know :slight_smile:


Hi @sheens

We recently fixed a small bug in this area, and from your description I wonder if that bug was affecting you. So please, if you have a spare moment, could you please go back online and try setting a display picture again - and if there are still any problems please DM me and we’ll try to get it sorted for you.

All the best,