Disallowed transactions

I’ve had a couple of bank transfers returned because the bank account was out of date. I think customers should be informed if this happens.

Hi @mef, you are effectively informed by the deposit back into your account. As there are a number of reasons why money might bounce back from someone else’s account, we simply aren’t able to disclose another person’s information in this instance. You can choose to turn on notifications for deposits into your account through Internet Banking if this is a concern :slight_smile: Thanks, Emma

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BNZ should show the Bank Account number on the payment screen. Other banks do, good to be able to check if the account has changed.

hi there anyone can help me here

Hi @chris24, sure! Let us know what issue you’re having :slight_smile:

The bnz queenstown in the rees str charged twice money from my credit card. I’m very upset about this happening. The atm was showing /telling me I’ve already reach my daylimit. At first I thought nothing happens but now I’ve had a look to my credit account and they charged me twice 100 nzd. Someone can help me ?

Hi, I am sorry to hear about the ATM charge, we are not able to discuss account details on this site as it is not a secure site. Can you call us on 0800 275 269 to get this sorted for you. Thanks Colleen