Direct Debit

I am a bit annoyed with BNZ,what happen was,i have a mobil fuel card,which i gave the Company my details a big mistake,i get a fuel bill onces a month sometimes,i was short just by 36c,theCompany set up a Direct Debit for 36c with out notifieding me.and that small amount was taken outof my account,i got charge a DIRECT DEBIT FEE ESTAB/AMEND of $5.00,just for that wee amount,i was furious,i contacted BNZ they told me there wasnt much they could do

Coming to Direct Debit if a Company sets one up they should me be charge the DIRECT DEBIT FEE ESTAB/AMEND not me,unless i set one up,i wasnt very happy about that,i told BNZ i will be taking it up with the fuel company after the holidays,they told me they will mention it to there Admin staff after the holidays,i told BNZ either the fuel company or them,BNZ refund me the $5.00 or i will be seriously looking at going to another bank,they said thanks for that feed back we will pass it on      

Could you please clarify @Ninja - did you authorise Mobil to direct debit from your personal account or not?

Hi Michaelnz,i must of authorises Mobil to direct debit from my personal account,i didn’t realizes that I had,i told the BNZ to cancel the direct debit on my side,they told me it cant be done,only that Company can do it.
So if you fill out a Direct Debit form to a certain Company your dealing with,they can get it set up,and your get charge the $5.00 fee, not the Company that sets it up. I told BNZ that’s very poor,that Company should be charge the set up fee not that person,they have put that in there feed back,BNZ  were very good to fix up that problem I had

That’s nice of them.

For the sake of comparison:
Kiwibank - $5.00 (1)
ANZ - Unclear - no fee listed that I can see but doesn’t say it’s free
ASB - as above
Westpac - $5.00 (2)