Direct Debit was declined


New here - I have a direct debit set up every week to Jetts but last week my payment apparently failed, because of this I was charged an extra $10 as a “dishonour” fee is what they claim. Is the charge a normal occurrence and is immediately applied if a direct debit failed even without giving me any option as an alternative payment?

I’ve read up online about possible causes I am certain that any applied to my account at the time and I am certain that there was more than sufficient funds to cover the payment at the time.

This week’s direct debit went through fine so it only happened that one time. What could be the cause of it?

PS: Jetts failed to alert me that my payment failed.

Hi @staz_00, BNZ does not charge a fee for a direct debit dishonouring. As far as I’m aware, this would only happen if there is insufficient funds in the account. The dishonour fee may be a fee charged by the gym themselves for administration/recovery :slight_smile: Thanks, Emma

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Hi emma,

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I have already paid the outstanding amount including the dishonour charge but I feel it is unfair to have them charge me the fee because the DD failed and I was not given an alternative method in time. I just wanted to confirm what the possible cause of the failure was. As far as I know there was way more than enough funds in the account to pay the balance at the time.

Any idea where to go from here?

That doesn’t sound too good! What you can do is get in touch with us through a secure channel such as over the phone (0800 275 269) or by sending us a Secure Message through your Internet Banking, so that we can investigate the cause of the decline. I’m afraid we can’t reverse fees not charged by us, but we can certainly look at compensation if the decline is an error on our end.

From there, if we can’t find any reason for the decline, I’d suggest going back to Jetts and seeing what they can do around the unfair charge. Thanks, Emma

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