Direct Debit Forms Still Available?

We have a client who will be paying us weekly over a period of 6 months. He is not very good at remembering to pay (and it is an installment plan for services already rendered) so we want to set up a direct debit. You used to be able to complete a form. I cannot find this form anymore. Is it still available? How do I set up a direct debit so we can make sure to receive this weekly installment?

Hi @TomLaw, I would recommend contacting our Small Business team directly on 0800 269 763 to query this, as the BNZ Community is only manned by non-business bankers :slight_smile: Thanks, Emma

You could ask your client to get one from the bank.

@TomLaw I take it that you are already set up as a Direct Debit initiator? If not then your best bet would request your client to set up an Automatic Payment, then they will not need to remember to make payment as the payment frequency they set up will take care of this.