Direct credit payment

Hi there can you pleas tell me if there is a limit of how much one can pay via internet banking. I want to pay $21000 from BNZ account to a ANZ account, will my BNZ banking allow me yo do this??

Hello Haresh,
There is a daily limit when you make one off payments or bill payments through Internet Banking, which is $50,000.00. You will be absolutely fine making the payment when you need to :slight_smile:

Presently, ASB is the only bank I am aware of who impose arbitrary and low limits on their customers.

Thanks for your reply Krystal

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The lower amount is probably a risk control on Personal Customers and 99.999% of retail customers do not have large payments, so they will have a process that covers these larger payments. The limits are also their to protect customers that could be a victim of a scam, lower limits stops their accounts being cleaned out.

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