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Hey guys, any update on this?
I’d gladly move ALL my banking to BNZ if you let us have a read only api just to get at all the transaction detail…

Hi @Nick, do we have any updates here? Cheers,

Hi @TommySharp , we are working on a few things related to API’s across the bank, so whilst not imminent, I’m hoping that in the not to distant future there may be an API available.

What would you like to use it for?

Hi Nick, I’m trying to find a bank that will let me connect via API and download transactions for all my accounts into a budgeting app I am building. So purely read only with no need to create payments or anything scary like that.

Any updates on this? At the moment I’m working on a very crude automated export system for personal use, and an official API would be a lifesaver!

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Hey @Nick, a new year and some new years resolutions to get my budgeting and finances into order… Any updates on even just a read only API to get account transactions?

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Hey @Nick, any updates here? Cheers :slight_smile:

“While not imminent “. Funny.

Just adding a voice here. Any updates on this?

Hey @Nick, we’d all be keen to get an update on API options… Got any new information for us?

I read in the T&C’s that Bank Feeds are available, and Xero has a form that can be sent to BNZ to enable it to get transaction information. Is that what you’re after? Or you can use Yodlee / Fastlink.

My understanding is that the minute you provide your internet banking login details to the likes of Yodlee, you are in breach of BNZ’s Terms and Conditions.

There has been talk on here of work being done in this space (direct links to transactions for budgeting apps etc) for 2.5 years with no sign of progress so far.

It seems the “be good with money” is a feel good slogan that was dreamed up by the marketing team and clearly there is little commitment to turn it into something tangible for customers.

Hi @TommySharp and others. We currently have BankFeeds APIs that will allow you to get transactional information on customer’s accounts where the customer has authorized the access. Please contact me on for further information.


@yarson, this is fantastic news for a Friday! Email sent…

@yarson this is brilliant news if it’s in play - API integration has been discussed in a number of user-focussed threads around integrating with a PFM, e.g. Money tracking with BNZ and Track spending and budgeting apps

I’ll flick you a note now! Cheers

Hi all,

Thanks for the interest in our API’s. At this stage, the solution has been built to so that accounting packages can interface directly with our API’s in a secure manner. Individuals using the APIs to download their own information will be looked at a later stage. The most important thing is keeping our customer’s data secure so making sure we get this right is of paramount importance and will take time.

What is required for accounting packages to interface directly to your API? We’re looking to add a new service to our accounting system that will pull bank transaction information into the software for processing against outstanding invoices/credits.

Hi there - send me a note on so we can discuss

We got any updates on if a personal user can use the API to retrieve their transactions into a separate budgeting app?

We heard any more on if this will be available to the general public anytime soon?

Hey @TommySharp, thanks for your ongoing interest in our APIs – we’re stoked to see some passionate BNZ customers discussing them here. At this stage our API processes are designed for use by BNZ Business customers or external developers rather than BNZ Retail customers. However this is something we’d like to see in the future, so rest assured that we have this on our roadmap.

We recently expanded on our API info on our website, and we’ll be keeping this up to date as more APIs are released. If you have specific questions you can also reach the team on