Developer API


I am just checking if a public API has been developed to retrieve transaction histories of accounts yet.

I am in the process of developing an automated budget tracker for my BNZ account however I am having trouble automatically exporting my account transaction history as a csv.

Last I saw there was a post in 2016 from staff saying they were working on it. Any updates?


Hello Dalmathus,
We have released an update recently allowing customers to export transactions back 2 years. To do this, select the account you are needing the transaction history for, at the top of the page select ‘Export’. From here, you can select to export the csv file for the last 2 years.
Hope this helps with your budget tracker!


That’s a great update Krystal, but what about the API, are you guys still looking into it?? I currently use Toshl for my personal finance and to get an almost real time feed I’m using the email notifications feature from the online banking so using a Gmail add-on I can keep my finance up to date. Drawbacks of this is I just get the transaction total amount and no info about where I spent the money (so hard to categorise the expenditure) and i don’t get credit card notifications so still have to manually enter those. An easy fix would be to add that information in the notifications email and send notifications on credit card expenditure as well however an API would be a much better solution.


Hi Krystal,

This is not exactly what I am looking for.

A BNZ API for transactions should allow me to download transaction information from an account without having to navigate through online banking at all.

In an ideal world I would be looking for the ability to make a request to the BNZ servers providing an;

  • Bank Account Number + Suffix
  • Date Range of Transactions
  • Credit/Debit/All Transaction Types
  • Private API Key

This would allow me to automate the exporting of transactions from a specific account without having to navigate online banking as automation of this step is crucial.

In order to provide security I would also like to see a Private API key used.

This key would be generated through online banking by providing your NetGuard card details and would only allow you to retrieve transaction information from accounts linked to the NetGuard card provided.

The information I am requesting is read-only and should be exported in CSV or JSON format.

I would appreciate it if you passed this information on to the digital services development team and let me know if this functionality is even possible within the BNZ company policy.


Hi @dalmathus, this is certainly on our radar. The work we did recently in IB to extend transaction history period was done with the first phase of us building out external API capabilities. I think within a few months you might have what you are looking for, but don’t hold me to those time periods - there’s some work for us to do to make sure we have the security and management in place to cater to to connection type you are thinking of.


Hi Krystal

I am trying to access my transactions from credit cards that have changed numbers due to them being deactivated due to loss/stolen.



I also agree the API should use JSON format. Please, do not use XML.