Dairy price decline calls for resilient mindset

Tough news this morning after the latest GlobalDairyTrade auction showing a continued decline in dairy prices. We know it’s going to impact New Zealand farmers and inevitably their debt levels. Hard times for many of you reading this, so I want to reiterate that my team and I are keen to keep in touch with our customers to make sure we’re doing what we can for you. I’ve pulled a few resources together and want to share some advice I gave earlier in the year.

A few things that you can do immediately:

  • Talk to your bank, the earlier you engage them the better
  • Lean on your networks, seek out information from your experts and other professionals. You’re not in this alone.
  • Talk to each other. Here, if you like, or on #agchatnz on Twitter, elsewhere online, on the phone or out and about. Keep in touch and keep an eye on each other. You can also leave us questions here if there’s any more information we can provide to help out.

A few other pieces of interest that might help:

Now is the time to focus on what we can control. We’re committed to work with farmers to help you and if it helps, hear what you’re concerned about, so please feel free to leave us a comment. If you’ve got any other resources that might be handy, leave them as a reply.

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