Daily InternetVanking Display

I have a few different account types.When one logs in to Internet banking the list of those accounts with balances appears. To their right is a list of transactions for the previous day for all accounts.
Space permitting on screen would it be possible to show those transactions by account type. Yesterday I wasted Contact Centre time because I saw a large debit and rang to query it thinking it related to my cheque account .Whilst waiting for Call back I spotted it was for another account for which I had an explanation.

Thanks a lot for this feedback, @NeilF784. I’ll let @Eric follow up with you on this one as he’s tuned into out internet banking app :slight_smile:

Hi @NeilF784

Although it’s not quite what you are asking for, here are a couple of tips I hope might help:

Did you know you can hover over the little account icon on the sidebar, and after a second it will show you which account the transaction is for? This transaction is from our Groceries account:


The other tip that might help is to personalise your Account images, if you haven’t already - this makes it easier to tell at a glance which account the transaction concerns. We have photos of our children, family, dream homes… account personalisation can be fun!

Hope that helps a little.


As for images you can also download your own from your PC. For my Aussie travel account I upload photos from my trip to Kalbarri that I have saved.

Many thanks Lawrence, Adrian and shanehopkirk.
I’ll test the suggestions.